Q: We inherited this tankard and mug set and I’m interested in finding out the manufacturer’s name. We really appreciate any help you can provide.

A: This “TST” mark with a small star at the bottom was used by Taylor, Smith & Taylor of Chester, West Virginia. The pottery was in business from 1901 to 1982. This mark was used from 1908 to about 1915. This shape tankard and stein is called Chester, which was made about 1915. Monks are often pictured on beer steins and related items. During the Middle Ages most people drank beer instead of water, which was often unsafe to drink. Monasteries made beer for their own use and to sell to support themselves. Hall China used this same decal on a white background on one of its beer sets sometime after 1930. Anchor Hocking bought Taylor, Smith & Taylor in 1973. The factory closed in January 1982.

tst pottery beer set

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  1. norcalgal says:

    Thank you Hookman, for your Holiday Wishes to Kovels, and to us fellow readers! Always enjoy your comments on Kovels Whatzit? I agree that this set may be for hot chocolate rather than beer. I have a chocolate set myself, but it has an ornate floral design on both the pitcher and cups, and I think is from the 1920’s.

  2. Hookman says:

    In my opinion, this doesn’t really look like a Beer pitcher or beer steins. It appears to be more of a Chocolate set, for serving hot chocolate, at Christmas Time, or mulled wine or hot apple cider or egg nog, or some other served-warm-Christmasy-beverage.
    The gentleman depicted here seems to be more of an early rendition of a German St. Nick (Santa Clause), rather than a “Drunk Monk”. The White hair and beard, the Red cap and clothes, are all more reminiscent of Santa than of a Monk.
    Don’t Monks typically wear brown robes with hoods, rather than Red skullcaps? Though, of course, even a Monk could be affected by the Season’s frivolities.
    Regardless of the original intent, it is a very nice set that could be used to serve anything the current owner/hostess desires. It’s sure to garner a round of comments and questions, yuletide toasts and Christmas Cheers.

    To All of the Kovels and their Employees, Thank you for your efforts during this past year, as trying as it has been, Thank you for many interesting and informative articles, and especially Thank you for your Whatzit corner that I thoroughly enjoy (and your forbearance thereof).
    To the Kovels, their employees, and ALL of my fellow readers, I want to wish all of you a Very, Merry Christmas and a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year !!

    Hookman Brown

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