Q: I bought three boxes of heavy white ironstone serving dishes many years ago. I liked them because they have my initials, “M.R.,” on them. They have this mark on the bottom, which includes the word “Warwick.” Please help me identify the maker.

A: Warwick China Co. was founded in Wheeling, West Virginia, in 1887. It closed in 1951. The company made porcelain dinnerware sets, semi-porcelain ware, hotel ware, and railroad china. Pieces were hand-painted or decorated with decals. Patterns were identified by numbers rather than by name. The helmet and crossed-swords mark was the first mark Warwick used. It was registered in 1905 but had been used for several years before that. Variations of this mark were still being used in the 1940s. The company also used other marks over the years.

warwick china mark













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3 responses to “Warwick China”

  1. lsparavec says:

    I have a brown flower Picther w/4 mugs
    from Warwick China A-27 in mint condition….where can I find the value of this set?

    Thank You,
    Linda Sparavec

  2. houseboy says:

    I have a warwick pitcher with an eagle perched on a globe of the earth with flags on either side.It is approximately 13 inches high with a base of about 6 or 7 inches. The base has the warwick crest with 10GA. I would like you to tell me it’s value. Thank you

  3. dsp10935 says:

    I have an old glass front cabinet. The two side doors are glass and the center section from top to bottom are drawers with a lock that uses a skeleton key. It is approx. 50″ tall and 40-ish inches wide.

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