Q: I’d like to know whether these plates are originals or reproductions and what price they may fetch at auction. The mark on the bottom is partly worn off but I can read “W. Pratt, Lane Delph, Staffordshire.” The plates are about 8 inches in diameter.


A: Several members of the Pratt family owned potteries in Staffordshire county in England. This mark was used by J. & W. Pratt at their pottery in Lane Delph, a district in Fenton, Staffordshire. The “J” and “&”are worn off the mark on your plates. The pottery was founded by brothers John and William Pratt and was in business from 1836 to 1859. These plates are probably originals. The pottery was only in business for 23 years and not many pieces come up for auction. It’s not likely they were reproduced.

j & w pratt pottery plate and mark

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