Q: I bought this Norman Rockwell figurine about 40 years ago. It’s marked with a bee over the letter “V” and “W. Goebel, W. Germany.” It was listed in a book of plates and figurines at that time for a value of $400. I know prices of old items have dropped quite a bit. Can you let me know how much this figurine is worth today?


A: This figurine, called “Sitting Boy with Pipe,” is part of a series of figurines made by Goebel based on Norman Rockwell paintings that were used on Saturday Evening Post magazine covers. This figurine was designed by Gerhard Bochmann in 1962. The Goebel “three line mark” was used from 1964 to 1972, but this figurine was only made in the 1960s. Norman Rockwell figurines by Goebel sell for under $100.

goebel norman rockwell pottery figurine and mark

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