Q: My demitasse coffee set consists of a pot, 6 cups and saucers, a sugar, and a creamer. The pieces have a white porcelain interior and a sterling silver exterior. The pot is 6 1/2 inches tall and has a raffia wrapped handle. The bottoms of the coffeepot, sugar, and creamer are silver and are marked “Sterling Silver on Porcelain” and “Foreign.” The cups and saucers are porcelain covered with a thin layer of silver and are marked with what looks like a flower over the letter “M” and “Bavaria.” The words “Arboix, Colon, Sterling-Silver” are written in green script underneath the mark. A note on old adhesive tape on the bottom of the pot says “Purchased in Panama 1933.” There is some light wear to pieces where a person would hold them. Can you give me some information and valuation?


A: This mark was used by Porcelain Factory Mitterteich in Mitterteich, Bavaria, Germany, between 1931 and 1945. The factory was founded at Mitterteich in 1887. There were several changes in ownership and it became Porcelain factory Mitterteich in 1918. It closed in 2006. The pieces in your set were made of porcelain and then the silver was applied. The coffeepot, sugar, and creamer are worth about $125, cups and saucers about $20 each. Your set with six cups and saucers is worth about $245.

mitterteich silver and porcelain saucer set saucer bavaria


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