Q: When Mom passed away, we found shipping crates that had been shipped over from Australia when my grandmother died. Mom had never opened the crates. The items were beautiful pieces. I’ve kept most of them and with your books have discovered what they are and an approximate value. My grandfather was an auctioneer and must have bought some of the things for Grandma. This picture has stymied me for years. They’re marked “Phoenix China” above a bird with globe body, the initials “T.F. & S. Ltd.” and “England.” Can you give me any information and possible value?


A: Thomas Forester & Sons Ltd. used this mark on pottery made at its Phoenix Works in Longton, Staffordshire, England. It made china and earthenware. The company was in business from 1883 to 1959. This mark was used from 1912 to 1959. The words “Made in England” were often used under the mark from about 1925 on. Value of a Phoenix China cup and saucer with this mark, about $35.