Q: I inherited a 10-piece set of midcentury modern dishes. My mother-in-law bought them in the 1960s. I thought I’d consign them to a local shop. Unfortunately, no shop here is interested. Before donating them, I’d like to find out about them and their value. They are marked “H & Co., Selb, Bavaria, Germany, Heinrich” and “Carole Stupell.” A dealer online has a place setting of five pieces for $700. Since my set is larger, I thought it might be worth more. Do they have any value?

A: The initials “H & Co.” stand for Heinrich & Co., founded by Franz Heinrich. He began decorating porcelain in Bavaria in 1896 and started his own porcelain factory in Selb in 1901. Heinrich & Co. was one of the largest porcelain manufacturers in Germany. Production stopped during World War II, but the company began production again after the war. After several changes in ownership, the factory was taken over by Villeroy & Boch in 1976. Carole Stupell is a gift shop in New York City started in 1929. Sets of dishes are difficult to sell – too many pieces to pack and ship and out-of-style patterns. Perhaps you can donate your dishes to a charity and get a tax deduction.  To sell as a set you need at least six, five-piece place settings.

heinrich and company porcelain pottery dish H & Co., Selb, Bavaria, Germany, Heinrich  Carole Stupell

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    How about replacements.com? People can sell as well as buy. Else how would they have any replacements for customers?

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