Q: I purchased this salad sized plate yesterday at a local Goodwill. I tried to research the mark printed on the back but didn’t come up with anything. The plate is in great condition but because of the style I believe it to be old. Can you can help me identify this?

A: This mark was used by Porcelain Factory Konigszelt from about 1913 to about 1928. A porcelain factory was established in Konigszelt, Silesia, Germany (now Jaworzyna Slaska, Poland) in 1860. It operated under various owners and names until 1866, when it became Porzellanfabrik Konigszelt (Porcelain Factory Konigszelt). Another porcelain manufacturer, Lorenz Hutschenreuther of Selb, Bavaria, became a majority shareholder in 1905. Production of tableware for export increased. After World War II, Konigszelt became part of Poland and was renamed Jaworzyna Slaska. The porcelain factory was nationalized and became State Porcelain Factory Jaworzyna Slaska. Later the company was privatized. It’s still in business, now as Zakłady Porcelany Stołowej Karolina (Tableware Porcelain Factory Karolina Ltd.)

rose decoration konigszelt porcelain factory pottery plate from goodwill store


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