Q: I have a biscuit jar that has two marks on it, one that says “J & C, Louise, Bavaria,” and one with a crown over a circle. It says “High Art Semi-Hand-Painted” around the circle. The letters in the middle are faded. I’ve looked at all the crown marks on your website and can’t find this mark. Is it a fake or what is it?

A: The “J & C” mark was used by Jaeger & Co. of Marktredwitz, Bavaria, Germany. The pottery was in business from 1898 until 1979, when it was sold to the Sebring Co. of Bari, Italy. The factory closed in 1986. Jaeger & Co. made household, hotel, and decorative porcelain and sold porcelain blanks to decorating studios in the United States and other countries. After 1945, most of the company’s porcelain was sold in Germany. The “J & C, Bavaria” mark was used between 1898 and 1923. “Louise” is the name of the series. The crown mark isn’t a fake, it’s the decorator’s mark. Unfortunately, the initials are too faded to read.




j and c louise biscuit jar

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