With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, romance is top on many minds. As we know, sometimes love just happens — you are in the right place at the right time to meet the person of your dreams. For one Boca Raton, Florida woman, the ultimate symbol of romance crossed her path in a turning lane while she was on her way to Costco. Deb Salazar and her husband were a few miles from the store when they spotted it. “It was in the turn lane, in a great big, old-fashioned dry cleaner’s box,” she said.

What was in the 3-foot long and 2-foot wide box decorated with the words “Bridal Chest” in script? An antique wedding dress and matching lacy hat. Salazar said the dress looks 70 to 80 years old and is tiny, probably a size 0. The dress is lace with a sheer bodice and lace cap sleeves. The hat is swirled lace and what looks to be a wide brim. Salazar doesn’t want to picture the whole dress because she’s hoping to find the real owner who can describe the dress in detail.

So, attention all Boca Raton-area residents: If you were driving near Costco with your mother’s, grandmothers or elderly aunt’s wedding gown in a professional dry-cleaning storage box, are you sure it didn’t fall out of your vehicle? If it is missing, you might want to track down Deb Salazar with a description of the dress.

Love is in the air, which is much better for a wedding dress than being squashed in the middle of a busy street.

vintage wedding dress found in box in road florida bridal chest label

Photo: Patch.com / Deb Salazar

2 responses to “Drive-by Romance Takes on New Meaning”

  1. glasgowrose says:

    Antique? That is so late 1970s it hurts. Come on.

  2. Casper06 says:

    This gown looks so beautiful and in good condition from what a I see. I hope the rightful owner can be found and reunited with it. So it can be passed down to other generations. I hope Kovels will post the news on the out come.

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