Q: I have a Statue of Liberty figure with a clock in the base. It’s 16 inches tall. The clock is a Westclox Baby Ben Deluxe. The plate on the base says “Statue of Liberty, New York, NY.” Can you give me some information about it and its value?

A: Several different versions of the Statue of Liberty with a clock in the base have been made as souvenirs. Various clock companies made the clocks that fit into the base. Some figures have a small light bulb in the torch. Your Statue of Liberty is different from most because her right arm is slightly curved. The actual statue in New York Harbor holds the torch aloft with a straight arm. Westclox has operated under various names and owners since 1885. The name “Westclox” was first used in late 1909. Baby Ben clocks were first sold in 1910. The Westclox name and Baby Ben brand are currently owned by NYL Holdings LLC of Valley Stream, New York. Your clock would sell for about $50.