Q: I recently heard about spooners from a friend and wonder what the difference is between a spooner and a celery vase.

A: Spooners and celery vases were popular during Victorian times, when the well-set table included many special dishes and utensils for specific foods. A spooner is a container designed to hold extra teaspoons at a dinner table. Many spooners were made in pressed glass patterns, but they were also made of porcelain, silver, or other material. Most spooners are about 4 inches high. Those with a footed stem are about 6 inches high and are often confused with glass celery vases. Celery vases are usually taller and narrower than spooners. Most celery vases are about 6 1/2 inches tall. Long, narrow celery dishes became popular by 1890.

glass horseshoe pattern spooner and celery vase

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