Q: This chocolate set was a given to my mother by a family friend who was emptying the home of a deceased family member. It was never used after my mother received it in the 1940s. The pieces are marked “RS Prussia.” Does it have value, other than sentimental or decorative? Are there collectors?

A: Your chocolate set was made by Reinhold Schlegelmilch, who opened a porcelain factory in Suhl, Thuringia, Germany, in 1869. His sons, Ehrhard and Arnold, joined the business later. Arnold opened a second factory in Tillowitz, Silesia (now Tulowice, Poland), in 1894. The two factories were consolidated in Tillowitz during World War I. Most R.S. Prussia porcelain made between 1892 and 1910 was exported to the United States. Porcelain marked “R.S. Prussia” was made before 1917. The mark has been copied since the 1960s. The handles and wavy scalloped border on your chocolate pot and cups indicate they were made from Mold 454. Your set seems to be missing a cup and saucer. Most sets have an even number of cups and saucers, anywhere from four to 12. Flower decorated R.S. Prussia sets sell for only $225 to $450. The thousand dollar sets picture people, “the Melon Eaters.”

porcelain chocolate pot r s prussia set

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