Q: My father gave me this Philco television set in 1970. I’d like to know what it’s worth.

A: Philco started in Philadelphia in 1892 as the Spencer Company, a manufacturer of carbon arc lamps. It became Helios Electric Company. In 1906 the company began making electric storage batteries and the name was changed to the Philadelphia Storage Battery Company. The name “Philco” was used on batteries beginning in 1919. Philco began making radios in 1926 and became the world’s largest manufacturer of radios. The company began to make experimental television sets in the 1930s. Commercial production of television receivers began in 1948. Your set is part of Philco’s Predicta line, which had a “space-age” design and was made from 1958 to 1960. It was the first TV with a swivel screen. Sets with different style cabinets and with 17-inch or 21-inch screens were made. Your set is the Holiday model, which was made in 1958. Ford bought Philco in 1961. It was sold twice more and became part of Philips in 1981. The value of your TV depends on whether or not it works. This TV has sold on eBay for $195 to $250 and was advertised “for parts or repairs.” A working set was advertised for $300.

vintage philco television

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