Q: I think this plate belonged to my great-grandparents or great-great-grandparents. (I’m 70.) It’s marked “Germany” and the number “47.” Does it have any value?

A: Plates with pictures of wild animals or gamebirds are called “game plates.” Your plate looks like it might have been part of a set of game plates. Sets usually included 12 plates and a large platter. Individual plates and smaller sets of plates were meant to be displayed in a cabinet or hung on the wall. Pictures were hand painted or had applied decals. Game plates were popular in the 1880s. Most were made in Germany, Bavaria and France. The mark on your plate doesn’t give a clue to the maker. It looks like it’s from the 20th century. Without a maker’s name, the value of your plate could be about $10 to $15.

deer wild animal game plate

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