Q: I found your email address on a website while researching how to spot a real Fenton piece vs. a reproduction. I’m bidding on a vase that looks like Fenton but is not marked. The seller only lists it as “vintage.” I haven’t been able to locate this vase in any Fenton catalogs online. Can you provide any information on this vase?

A: Fenton Art Glass Company was founded in 1905 in Martins Ferry, Ohio, by Frank L. Fenton and his brother, John W. Fenton. They painted decorations on glass blanks made by other manufacturers. In 1907 they opened a factory in Williamstown, West Virginia, and began making glass. Blue opalescent hobnail was first made in 1939. Early Fenton was marked with a sticker, which often came off. Fenton’s blue opalescent hobnail wasn’t marked with the Fenton logo until 1972. The company stopped making art glass in 2011 and assets were sold. Fenton made several fan shape vases with ruffled tops. Most of them in blue opalescent hobnail are wider at the top. It’s not possible to determine if your vase is actually Fenton, but you can enjoy it as a decorative piece.

blue glass vase maybe fenton

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  1. zvicki says:

    This is not opalescent though. It is milk blue or opaque blue glass. Its also possible to find this shape in one of the many books on Fenton glassware that have been carefully researched. If one can find this exact shape, in this or a similar opaque color, its logical to conclude that it is in fact, made by Fenton.

  2. suetue says:

    It checks all the boxes, though. The color is right, the rim is right, it’s fire polished, the hobnails are shaped right.

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