Q: I bought a Betty, The Beautiful Bride Doll for $125 and it was appraised for $425, but I can’t sell it. Can you tell me when this doll was made and who made it?

A: Your doll was made by Deluxe Premium Corp. in Newark, New Jersey, in 1957. The company was founded by Henry Orenstein in 1951 under the name De Luxe Toy Creations. It made toys for boys as well as dolls for girls. Orenstein sold the company in the late 1950s and the name was changed to De Luxe Reading Toys. He bought the company back in 1964 and renamed it Deluxe Topper Toys. Later it became Topper Toys. Deluxe specialized in making large dolls, 24 to 30 inches tall, that were sold in grocery stores during the 1950s-’70s. Collectors call these Grocery Store dolls. The dolls often had beautiful clothes and accessories, and they were not as expensive as the fashion dolls sold in department and toy stores. The dolls were made with soft vinyl bodies, which often cracked or became misshaped over the years. It’s possible to find mint dolls in a box offered for sale at high prices, but “played with” dolls sell for much less.









Photo: As seen on www.inetgiant.com