Q: Can you tell me the age of an Aynsley eggcup in the shamrock pattern?

A: John Aynsley established a pottery in Longton, Staffordshire, England, in 1775. He made printed earthenware. His son joined the business and the name became John Aynsley & Sons (Ltd.) in 1864. The factory began making bone china. “England” was added to the company’s mark in 1891. The words “Made in” were added after 1915. Waterford bought the pottery in 1970 and changed the name to Aynsley China Ltd. It was sold to the Belleek Group in 1997. The factory in England closed in December 2014 and production shifted to China. Aynsley is still a brand owned by Belleek. Eggcups sell for about $15 to $25.


aynsley bone china shamrock eggcup

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