Q: I picked up this poster some time ago and always meant to find out about it. I know it’s a copy of the poster of the first Automobile Club of America show. The poster is about 8 inches high and 6 inches wide and is glued to a board. It says “Malcolm A. Strauss” on the bottom of the picture and “H.A. Thomas & Wylie Litho. Co. N.Y.” Can you tell me anything about it?


A: The Automobile Club of America was founded in 1899, one of the first automobile clubs in the United States. It merged with eight other automobile clubs to form the American Automobile Association (AAA) in 1902. Malcolm A. Strauss (1883-1936) was a New York artist known for his pictures that included early automobiles. He used this image again in a painting done for the poster advertising the second Automobile Club of American show in 1901. It’s interesting to note that the poster pictures a women driver, although women were not allowed to be members of the Automobile Club of America in 1900. The original advertising poster was probably much larger. An original poster might be hundreds of dollars. A reproduction print is worth less than $10. Your is worth less because it’s glued to a board.