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mr, peanut, costume

Mr. Peanut is a trademark for Planters Peanuts that has been in use for 100 year .....

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  • October 16 is Dictionary Day

    October 16 is Dictionary Day

    October 16 is National Dictionary Day. It’s also called “Learn a Word Day.” Here are 12 words associated with antiques and collectibles that you may not know.           

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  • It's #whatsitwednesday!

    It's #whatsitwednesday!

    Be the first to guess what the pictured item is by leaving a comment below. If you have your own whatsit, our editors can include it in a future post....

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  • Presidential Libraries – A Treasure Trove of Political Collectibles

    Presidential Libraries – A Treasure Trove of …

    Visitors can get a close-up view of the presidents’ individual stories and the American presidency as well as enjoying artifacts and authentic political collectibles like campaign pins and banners and...

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  • Collectors Shriek for Halloween Decorations

    Collectors Shriek for Halloween Decorations

    Vintage Halloween decorations were often made of paper, so pieces in good condition can be hard to find. This menacing paper-pulp lantern held a candle that lit up the eyes...

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  • Cheers! To Breweriana

    Cheers! To Breweriana

    Breweriana collectors look for bright colors on trays, signs, labels and other beer-related items. This Old Dutch sign can fit anywhere at just 9 by 7 inches. Tip your glass...

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  • Consider Canadian Modernist

    Consider Canadian Modernist

    Single-owner collections often highlight special niches. A recent sale featured Canadian Modernist jewelry, enamels and pottery like this vase by Alice Hagen. She is considered a pioneer studio potter in...

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  • Satsuma Pottery Sells

    Satsuma Pottery Sells

    Satsuma pottery that we see in the U.S. looks like this Meiji period paneled vase. It may have landscape or garden scenes with gilt and Gosu Blue accents on an...

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  • Shaker Furniture: Less is More

    Shaker Furniture: Less is More

    The Shakers built their community buildings and furniture from local timber. This cupboard was made from New England pine and stained red-brown for the Harvard, Massachusetts, community of Shakers.        

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  • Hutschenreuther Flying Geese

    Hutschenreuther Flying Geese

    Q: I inherited a Hutschenreuther figurine of two flying geese when my parents died. They’re marked with a lion and the year 1814 in an oval and “Hutschenreuther, Germany, Kunstabteilung.”...

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  • Nippon Cup

    Nippon Cup

    Q: I was given this cup and saucer by a relative. I am looking for more information about it. My aunt thought that her grandpa gave it to her mom...

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