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Holt-Howard made this punch cup in the 1960s as part of a set that included a bowl, ladle and eight mugs. The complete set sells for about $150-$200, but this mug alone costs only $7. (photo credit: Cloe Eiber)Christmas is a time to buy gifts, but also a time for manufacturers to sell special holiday items. I....



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    Buy & Sell: Original and Used Vinyl Recor…

    Are vinyl records dead? Short answer: No. Longer answer: Not only are vinyl album sales healthy and growing, buying and selling vintage vinyl is a thriving segment in the collecting...

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  • Modernist Icon Max Ingrand Creates Light

    Modernist Icon Max Ingrand Creates Light

    Lighting designs by Max Ingrand were noted for their modern, innovative designs and textured glass. His large “Dahlia” chandelier has 16 cut, curved and colored glass “petals.” The spotlight is...

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    Tiny Bubbles Make Orrefors Collectors Happy

    The technique used in Orrefors Ariel glass was a new technology developed specifically for the company. The method creates air bubbles within the glass as in this blue and clear...

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    Crazy for Quilts

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  • James M. Willson Art

    James M. Willson Art

    Q: I found this sketch in a box of junk in Florida after Hurricane Opal in 1995. I’ve been carrying it around for a long time. It’s slowly deteriorating, and...

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  • Nippon Plate

    Nippon Plate

    Q: I inherited this plate from my Great Aunt. I think it’s beautiful, but I just don’t know much about it. It’s marked “Hand Painted Nippon” with the letter “M”...

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