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Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple, the famous movie star, was born in 1928. She made her first movie in 1932. Thousands of items picturing Shirley have been and still are being made. Shirley Temple dolls were first made in 1934 by Ideal Toy Company. Millions of Shirley Temple cobalt blue glass dishes were made by Hazel Atlas Glass Company and U.S. Glass Company from 1934 to 1942. They were given away as premiums for Wheaties and Bisquick. A bowl, mug, and pitcher were made as a breakfast set. Some pieces were decorated with the picture of a very young Shirley, others used a picture of Shirley in her 1936 Captain January costume. Shirley Temple starred in forty-three feature films and fourteen short films. A set of all of her movies is now being sold on TV. Although collectors refer to a cobalt creamer, it is actually the 4 1/2-inch-high milk pitcher from the breakfast set. Many of these items are being reproduced today. 

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ImageCategoryPattern or ItemDescriptionYear PricedPrice
 Shirley TempleBowlCereal, Cobalt Blue2003
 Shirley TemplePitcherCobalt Blue2003
 Shirley TempleRecord Little Miss Wonderful, Movie Sound Track, LP2010Login / Create Account for Price
 Shirley TempleMirrorPocket2001Login / Create Account for Price
 Shirley TemplePostcardEach Different, 5 Piece1999Login / Create Account for Price
 Shirley TempleSheet MusicGoodnight My Love, 19361997Login / Create Account for Price
 Shirley TempleSheet MusicStowaway, 19362014Login / Create Account for Price
 Shirley TempleBowl Honeycomb, Cobalt Blue, Scalloped Rim, 6 In.2017Login / Create Account for Price
 Shirley TempleAdFull Page, Lane Cedar Chest, 19641999Login / Create Account for Price
 Shirley TempleBookThe Little Colonel, 19381999Login / Create Account for Price
 Shirley TempleRecordShirley Temple Hits, On The Good Ship Lollipop, Other Hits, 45 Rpm2000Login / Create Account for Price
 Shirley TemplePin My Friend Shirley Temple, Pink Rim2010Login / Create Account for Price
 Shirley TemplePinFan Club, Portrait, Blue On White, 1 1/4 In.2014Login / Create Account for Price
 Shirley TempleDoll Clothes Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm, Ideal, Unopened Package, 1974, Fits 16-In. Doll2009Login / Create Account for Price
 Shirley TempleSheet MusicGoodnight My Love, 19361995Login / Create Account for Price
 Shirley TempleMechanical Pencil Blue, 4 In.2010Login / Create Account for Price
 Shirley TemplePaper Doll Book 3 Dolls, Clothes, Dover, Uncut, 1986, 12 1/4 x 9 1/4 In. 16 Pages2010Login / Create Account for Price
 Shirley TempleDoll Composition, Blond Curly Mohair Wig, Sleep Eyes, Ideal, 18 In.2017Login / Create Account for Price
 Shirley TemplePaper Doll 4 Pages Of Fashion, Whitman,1976, Uncut2015Login / Create Account for Price
 Shirley TempleSheet MusicStowaway, 19361996Login / Create Account for Price
 Shirley TempleSheet MusicCurly Top, 19351998Login / Create Account for Price
 Shirley TempleBookStorytime Favorites, Shirley Photograph On Cover, 19601999Login / Create Account for Price
 Shirley TempleBowlCereal, Cobalt Blue1999Login / Create Account for Price
 Shirley TempleBoxTrinket, Cover1999Login / Create Account for Price
 Shirley TemplePaper DollWhitman, 1976, Uncut1999Login / Create Account for Price

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