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Ivory from the tusk of an elephant is thought by many to be the only true ivory. To most collectors, the term ivory also includes such natural materials as walrus, hippopotamus, or whale teeth or tusks, and some of the vegetable materials that are of similar texture and density. Other ivory items may be found in the Scrimshaw and Netsuke categories. Collectors should be aware of the recent laws limiting the buying and selling of elephant ivory and scrimshaw. Elephants are an endangered species, and their tusks can no longer be used to make new jewelry or carvings.

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ImageCategoryPattern or ItemDescriptionYear PricedPrice
 IvoryBoxCarved Bird, Flower, Panels, Fitted, Interior, Metal Handles, Chinese Export, 1800s, 3 x 4 In.2011
 IvoryBoxCarved, Tusk, Chrysanthemums, 4-Leaf Footed, Japan, 5 1/2 In., Pair2011
 IvoryBrush HolderCarved, Court Scene, Chinese, 9 3/4 In.2011
 IvoryBrush HolderCarved Court Scene, Cylindrical, Openwork Foot, 4 In.2011
 IvoryBustWoman, Detailed Hair, Earrings, Africa, 6 1/2 In.2011
 IvoryCanisterTea, Oval, Hinge, Interior Lid, Finial, Silver Cartouche, c.1875, 3 1/8 x 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 In.2011
 IvoryCard CaseAllover Carving, Figures, Trees, 19th Century, 5 x 3 1/2 In.2011
 IvoryCarnet De BalDance Program, Louis XVI, 14K Gold, Chain, Enamel, Late 18th Century, 3 In.2011
 IvoryCarvingRiver Scene, Fruit Trees, Boats, Harvest, 20th Century, 10 x 31 1/4 In.2011
 IvoryChatelaine ClipScrollwork, Looping, Marked, Crown, Letter R, 5 1/4 In.2011
 IvoryDresser Canister SetApplied Monogram, Mushroom Cover, 5 Piece,2011
 IvoryEggPutti Crawling Out, Carved, Late 19th Century, 1 3/4 x 2 1/2 In.2011
 IvoryElephant ParadeBridge Form, Carved, 3 Lions Attacking, Wood Base, 1900s, 20 1/2 In.2011
 IvoryFigurineBasket Seller, Grinning Man, Signed, Japan, 8 In.2011
 IvoryFigurineBirds, On Branch, Wood Stand, Late 19th Century, Chinese, 7 5/8 In., Pair2011
 IvoryFigurineBuddha, Seated, Lotus Position, Hands In Contemplation, Rosewood Base, 10 In.2011
 IvoryFigurineBuddha, Seated, Multicolored Beaded Necklace, Carved, Incised, Signed, 3 1/2 In.2011
 IvoryFigurineBuddha, Smiling, Seated, Earrings, Rosewood Base, 4 1/2 In.2011
 IvoryFigurineCorn On Cob, Carved Village Scene, Japan, 1800s, 5 1/2 In.2011
 IvoryFigurineCupid, Seated, Shell Form Chariot, Drawn By Swans, 4 3/4 x 5 x 3 In.2011
 IvoryFigurineDiana The Huntress, Bow Set, Ivory Pedestal, 14 In.2011
 IvoryFigurineDiana The Huntress, Bow, Wood Pedestal, 9 In.2011
 IvoryFigurineDoctor’s Doll, Nude, Lounging, Arm Supports Head, Arm At Side, Carved, 1800s, 7 In.2011
 IvoryFigurineFisherman, Hand Carved, c.1900, 11 In.2011
 IvoryFigurineGirl, With Bundle Of Flowers, Chinese, Early, Mid 1900s, 5 1/4 x 3 In.2011

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