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Iron is a metal that has been used by man since prehistoric times. It is a popular metal for tools and decorative items like doorstops that need as much weight as possible. Though iron is harder and much more durable than bronze, it is more likely to rust. Items are listed here or under other appropriate headings, such as Bookends, Doorstop, Kitchen, Match Holder, or Tool. The tool that is used for ironing clothes, an iron, is listed in the Kitchen category under Iron and Sadiron.

Price Guide Listing for Iron
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ImageCategoryPattern or ItemDescriptionYear PricedPrice
 IronAshtrayIndian, Holding Tray, Matchbox Holder, Nickel Plated, 35 In.2011
 IronAshtrayMarked T.B. Woods Sons Co., 1975,,2011
 IronBird SpitWrought, 2 Prong Fork, Bell Shape Frame, Brass Finial, Tripod Base, Penny Feet, 27 3/4 In.2011
 IronBlotterIndian Shape, Cast, Painted, 4 3/4 In.2011
 IronBook PressCast, 13 1/2 x 19 1/2 x 11 1/2 In.,2011
 IronBootjackBeetle, Cast, Painted, 10 3/4 In.2011
 IronBootjackGun Shape, Folding, Cast, American Bulldog, 8 1/4 In.2011
 IronCandlesnufferScissor Form, Heart Shape Handle, 6 3/4 In.2011
 IronCandlestandAdjustable Candle Arm, Penny Feet, c.1800, 51 In.2011
 IronCandlestandTripod Feet, 1700s, 47 x 15 In.2011
 IronCannonPainted, Impressed, Walter R. Flesh, 1890, 15 1/2 x 33 In.2011
 IronCheese Curd BreakerHand Forged, Post Civil War,,2011
 IronCoal HeaterLife Cover, Painted, Pierced, Scrolling Leaf, Flowers, Victorian, 29 x 10 x 10 In.2011
 IronCuspidorTop Hat Shape, Painted Silver, Late 19th Century, 7 x 10 1/2 In.2011
 IronCuspidorTurtle, Head Raises Lid, c.1890, 6 x 12 In.2011
 IronEagle & PreySpread Winged Talons Open, Cast, 55 1/2 In.2011
 IronEaglePilot House, Spread Winged, Sphere Perch, 1800s, 8 x 14 1/2 In.2011
 IronFigureDog, Boston Terrier, Standing, Head Turned, Black & White Paint, Red Bow, 10 x 9 In.2011
 IronFigureDog, Cocker Spaniel, Painted, Rust Colored, 3 1/2 In.2011
 IronFigureDog, Hound, Seated, Dead Fowl On Base, Black Paint, 1900s, 37 x 37 In., Pair2011
 IronFigureDrunk Hanging On Bourbon St. Signpost, Paint, 4 In.2011
 IronFigureDrunk Man Hanging On Palm Tree, Paint, 4 In.2011
 IronFigureDutch Boy & Girl, Kissing, 3 & 3 1/4 In., Pair2011
 IronFigureDutch Cleanser Girl, Chasing Dirt, Cam Action, Hubley, 1932, 8 5/8 In.2011
 IronFigureGamecock, Cast, 25 In.2011

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