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Science Fiction

Science fiction and fantasy collectibles included here are those based on books, comics, movies, and TV shows. Early science fiction and fantasy authors included Thomas More, who wrote of an ideal society in Utopia, and Jonathan Swift, whose book Gulliver's Travels was published in 1726. The father of modern science fiction was Jules Verne, whose first book, Five Weeks in a Balloon, was published in 1863. Many of the items collected today are from the radio and TV shows of the 40s and 50s. Other science fiction and fantasy collectibles can be found under Batman, Buck Rogers, Captain Marvel, Flahs Gordan, Star Trek, Star Wars, Superman, Movie, and Toy. More recent, popular works of science fiction include the TV series The X-Files, Battlestar Gallactica, Medium, and the Jurassic Park and Terminator film series. 

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ImageCategoryPattern or ItemDescriptionYear PricedPrice
 Science FictionToyModel Kit, Space 1999, Eagle, Mpc, Fundimensions, Box, 12 In.2000Login / Create Account for Price
 Science FictionToyPlay Set, Space 1999, Eagle 1 Spaceship, Unassembled, Mattel, Box, 30 In.2000Login / Create Account for Price
 Science FictionToyStar Trek, Motion Picture, Enterprise, Die Cast, Dinky, On Card, 1979, 4 In.2000Login / Create Account for Price
 Science FictionToyStar Wars, Landspeeder, Spring-loaded Wheels, Kenner, Box, 1978, 9 In.2000Login / Create Account for Price
 Science FictionGameStar Trek, Ideal, Paramount Pictures Corp., Box, 1967, 10 X 19 In.2000Login / Create Account for Price
 Science FictionJacketEarth 2, Va-1587, Blue, Yellow, Roanoke Patch, 1994, Size Small2000Login / Create Account for Price

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