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Office Technology
Office Technology

Office technology includes office equipment and related products, such as adding machines, calculators, and check-writing machines. The office desk and chair, the typewriter, and other office technology were introduced at the 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. Typewriters are in their own category. 

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ImageCategoryPattern or ItemDescriptionYear PricedPrice
 Office TechnologyTicker TapeWestern Union, Self-winding, Glass Dome, T.a. Edison, 1920s, 13 In.2005Login / Create Account for Price
 Office TechnologyAdderEngraved, Brass, 2 Dials, Wooden Base, C.h. Webb, New York, 6 3/4 In.2004Login / Create Account for Price
 Office TechnologyAdding MachineAddac, 8-column, Direct Result Reading, 19252004Login / Create Account for Price
 Office TechnologyArithmometerBurkhardt, 9-column, Wood Case, Germany, 18782004Login / Create Account for Price
 Office TechnologyArithmometerGraber, Serial No. 143, J. Graber, Vienna, Austria, 19022004Login / Create Account for Price
 Office TechnologyBank PunchCast Iron, Automatic Bank Punch Co., N.y.c., 7 1/2 In.2004Login / Create Account for Price
 Office TechnologyCalculatorArchimedes Junior, Step Drum, 19252004Login / Create Account for Price
 Office TechnologyCalculatorCurta, Type I, Step Drum, Cylindrical Metal Box, Top Crank, 19482004Login / Create Account for Price
 Office TechnologyCalculatorHans Sabielny, Computator, 9-column, Germany, 19082004Login / Create Account for Price
 Office TechnologyCalculatorHewlett Packard, Hp 9820 A, Electronic, Programmable, 19722004Login / Create Account for Price
 Office TechnologyCalculatorRapid, No. 9618, S.w. Allen Co., Philadelphia, 1920s, 12 In.2004Login / Create Account for Price
 Office TechnologyCalculatorThales Geo, Spoke Wheel, Geodetic & Surveying Operations, Germany, 19302004Login / Create Account for Price
 Office TechnologyCalculatorThatcher, Magnifier, Original Box, Instruction Book2004Login / Create Account for Price
 Office TechnologyCheck WriterMars, Serial No. 1448, Pressing Roller, Mahogany Box2004Login / Create Account for Price
 Office TechnologyCheck WriterWesley, New York, 18902004Login / Create Account for Price
 Office TechnologyHole PunchUnimatic No. 2, Cast Iron, 11 In.2004Login / Create Account for Price
 Office TechnologyPrinting PressManual, Cast Iron, Marked Baltimore, 19th Century2004Login / Create Account for Price
 Office TechnologyStenographic MachineUniversal Stenotype Co., Stenotype, Owensboro, Ky., 19112004Login / Create Account for Price
 Office TechnologyTelegraphStock Ticker, T.a. Edison, Inc., No. 10539, Iron Stand, 1920, 15 In.2004Login / Create Account for Price
 Office TechnologyTeletype MachineU.s. Navy, 3-row Keyboard, Case, Teletype Corp., Chicago, 10 In.2004Login / Create Account for Price
 Office TechnologyTicket PrinterBritish Or Jenner Marking Machine2004Login / Create Account for Price
 Office TechnologyAdding Machine3 Hands, Wooden Case, 8 3/4 In. ~illus2003Login / Create Account for Price
 Office TechnologyAdding MachineAlan Walls, Push Button, 19352003Login / Create Account for Price
 Office TechnologyBook Press1880-1900, 9 x 12-in. Plates, 9-in. Wheels2003Login / Create Account for Price
 Office TechnologyCalculatorAlpina, 8-place Register, Sliding Action, Case, 19602003Login / Create Account for Price

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