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Captain Midnight
Captain Midnight

Captain Midnight began as a radio show in September 1940. The first comic book appeared in July 1941. Captain Midnight was really the aviator Captain Albright, who was to defeat the Nazis. When the show first began, Captain Midnight did freelance work to help people, but he began fighting other aspects of the war as the series progressed. A movie serial was made in 1942 and a comic strip was published for a short time. The comic book version of Captain Midnight ended his career in 1948. The radio premiums are the prized collector memorabilia today.

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ImageCategoryPattern or ItemDescriptionYear PricedPrice
 Captain MidnightMug Captain Midnight, Ovaltine Decal, Blue Plastic Top, Red Base1957, 5 x 3 In. 2012Login / Create Account for Price
 Captain MidnightMugCaptain Midnight, Ovaltine Decal, Blue Plastic Top, Red Base, 1957,5 x 3 In. 2012Login / Create Account for Price
 Captain MidnightMystery Dial Code-o-graphMaster Code, Super Code, 1941, 2 1/4 X 1 1/2 In.2007Login / Create Account for Price
 Captain MidnightPatchCloth, Secret Squadron, Cellophane Wrapper, 1955-19561996Login / Create Account for Price
 Captain MidnightPatchSecret Squadron, 19562001Login / Create Account for Price
 Captain MidnightPatch50th Anniversary1998Login / Create Account for Price
 Captain MidnightPatchWings Logo, Insignia Insert, Premium Envelope2006Login / Create Account for Price
 Captain MidnightPatchCaptain Midnight's 15th Anniversary Secret Squadron Emblem2000Login / Create Account for Price
 Captain MidnightPatchInsignia, Wings On Sides, Fabric, Mailer, 3 1/4 In.2013Login / Create Account for Price
 Captain MidnightPhotographHappy Landings, Patsy, Chuck, Skelly Oil, 1939, 6 X 7 3/4 In.2006Login / Create Account for Price
 Captain MidnightPhotographSkelly Oil, 7 1/2 X 5 3/4 In.2007Login / Create Account for Price
 Captain MidnightPhotomatic Decoder BadgeSecret Squadron, Picture, 2 1/8 X 1 5/8 In.2007Login / Create Account for Price
 Captain MidnightPinPatrol1995Login / Create Account for Price
 Captain MidnightPinDecoder, 19462002Login / Create Account for Price
 Captain MidnightPinDecoder1999Login / Create Account for Price
 Captain MidnightPlaysuitU.s. Flight Commander, Aviator Ace Badge, Collegeville2007Login / Create Account for Price
 Captain MidnightPosterFlight Pilot Airlines Map, Skelly Oil, 1940, 11 X 17 In.2006Login / Create Account for Price
 Captain MidnightPoster Movie, Mistaken Identity, Chapter 4,1942, 27 x 41 In.2015Login / Create Account for Price
 Captain MidnightPremium3-Way Mystery Dog-Whistle, 1941, 5 1/8 In.2014Login / Create Account for Price
 Captain MidnightRecordLongines, Premium By Longines Symphonette, 19702003Login / Create Account for Price
 Captain MidnightRecordMysterious Radio Signals, Album Cover, 1940s, 33 1/3 Rpm2003Login / Create Account for Price
 Captain MidnightRecord Special Squadron Message, Flexi-Disc, Code-O-Graph, c.1962, 7 In.2009Login / Create Account for Price
 Captain MidnightRingFlight Commanders1995Login / Create Account for Price
 Captain MidnightRingMystic Sun God1995Login / Create Account for Price
 Captain MidnightRingSecret Compartment1996Login / Create Account for Price

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