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Inkstands were made to be placed on a desk. They held some type of container for ink, and possibly a sander, a pen tray, a pen, a holder for pounce, and even a candle to melt the sealing wax. Inkstands date to the eighteenth century and have been made of silver, copper, ceramics, and glass. Since the 15th century, the inkstand was sometimes called a "standish" in England. Additional inkstands may be found in these and other related categories.

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ImageCategoryPattern or ItemDescriptionYear PricedPrice
InkstandsBrass Enamel, Inkwell, Lady, Cupid, Reverse Painted, Dragons, 4 x 5 In., illustrated2009Login / Create Account for Price
InkstandsBronze Bust, Diana, Red Marble Base, Gilt Feet, Signed, Falguiere, 1890s, 8 In., Illustrated2010Login / Create Account for Price
InkstandsBronze1st Empire,Brass Mounted Verde Antico Marble,Swan,Serpent,6 x 10 In. Illustrated2011Login / Create Account for Price
InkstandsHorse HoofPewter,Horseshoe,Elf At Anvil,2 Glass Wells,1800s,6 1/2 In. Illustrated2011Login / Create Account for Price
InkstandsOrmoluHarlequin, Bowing, Art Nouveau, 2 Pots, 3-Footed, 10 In., Illustrated2008Login / Create Account for Price
InkstandsPorcelainBeehive Shape, Applied Flowers, Jacob Petit, Darte Freres, 8 In. , Illustrated2006Login / Create Account for Price
InkstandsPorcelainBaby In Bassinet, Children, Das Jungste Bruder, Inkwell & Sander, 5 1/4 x 6 1/2 In. illustrated2014Login / Create Account for Price
InkstandsRedware 2 Wells, Brown Glaze, 3 Sections, c.1870, 2 3/8 x 6 x 4 3/4 In., illustrated2009Login / Create Account for Price
InkstandsRedware Stepped, Incised Bird, Flowers, Presentation, D. Wardell's,1831, 5 x 4 In. Illustrated2015Login / Create Account for Price
InkstandsSilver Plate Glass Liner, Art Noveau, Marked, Kaysser, 10 1/4 In., illustrated2009Login / Create Account for Price
InkstandsTortoiseshellMother-Of-Pearl Inlay,Cut Glass Square Jar,Bone Feet,c.1900,3 x 4 In. Illustrated2011Login / Create Account for Price
 Inkstands18th-century CoupleDog, Porcelain, C.1875, 6 1/4 In.1995Login / Create Account for Price
 Inkstands2 TiersMolded Glass Upper, Silver Plate Inkwells, Grooved Pen Rest Lower Part2001Login / Create Account for Price
 Inkstands6 Division Stamp BoxPen Case, Wood Lined, Betheman & Sons, London2005Login / Create Account for Price
 InkstandsAgateBuff & Brown, 3 Quill Holders, Striped Panels, 1760, 4 1/4 In.1998Login / Create Account for Price
 InkstandsAlarm ClockOn Wood Base, 2 Cut Glass Inkwells, C.18802003Login / Create Account for Price
 InkstandsArt NouveauDouble, Water Lilies, C.19102003Login / Create Account for Price
 InkstandsBasaltBlack, Tray, 2 Handles, Center Bottle, 2 Wells, England, 1800s, 6 3/4 x 3 3/4 In.2014Login / Create Account for Price
 InkstandsBergman Bedouin, On Camel, Ancient Ruins, Bronze, Enameled, Cold Paint, 8 3/4 In.2015Login / Create Account for Price
 InkstandsBisque Plinth Shape, Classical Scenes, 3 Open Wells, Sander, Slides, KPM, 3 1/2 In.2009Login / Create Account for Price
 InkstandsBlack Napoleon BustEmpire Style, Gilt Bronze, Marble, 2 Wells, Pen Recess, Bun Feet, 8 x 12 1/2 In.2014Login / Create Account for Price
 InkstandsBoulle Marquetry2 Glass Bottles, Late 19th Century, 4 x 14 1/4 In.2011
 InkstandsBrass2 Cut Glass Lidded Bottles, Lidded Box, Foliate Handles, 16 In.1996Login / Create Account for Price
 InkstandsBrassPierced Foliate & Scroll Allover, Beaded Border, 16 In.1996Login / Create Account for Price
 InkstandsBrassAlligator, Double Milk Glass Wells, Brass, 19th Century1998Login / Create Account for Price

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