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Getting Started

  1. Make sure you have registered with Kovels.com and that you're logged in. You won't see the Add an Event button unless you have logged in.
  2. Go to the Events Calendar page. You can find it under the Free Resources tab.
  3. Find the blue Add an Event button on the left of the Events Calendar page and click on it. Remember, you won't find the button unless you have logged in.

Click here to return to the Events Calendar listing page.

Describe Your Event

  1. Click into the white field next to Title and type in the name of your event.
  2. Click on the dropdown menu next to Category (it's directly below Title). Select the category that best suits your event. You should now see your selection in the drop-down menu.
  3. Below Category, you will find Status, this is where you can select the status of your event. You can choose tentative, confirmed or cancelled.
  4. Below Status you will find Mark as private, here you will be able to choose whether you want to make your event transparent or private.
  5. Next, you will see Event type, you will be able to specify whether the event is an all day event or an event that will be held during a specific block of time within a particular day. You can do this by selecting the button next to All day event or Meeting.
  6. Enter the Event Start and Event End date in the format year-month-day ie. 2011-09-01  or click on the small calendar symbol next to the white field.
  7. If you select Meeting then you will be able to specify what hours your event will be taking place. You can specify the hours by clicking on the field next to the words Event Start and Event End or you can click on the calendar symbol next to the white field.
  8. Below Event End, you will find Location. In the Location section you will be able to type the address of your event by clicking on the white field next to the word Location.
  9. Scroll down the page and you'll see a large white field. This is the Description section where you can give a more detailed description regarding the type of event you're listing. Click into the white area and type whatever information you think would be relevant: the sorts of antiques offered at the event, etc.
  10. Below the description section, you'll see the question, Is this a repeating event? You can answer this question based on whether you particular event will or will not take place more than once.
  11. Below the question, Is this a repeating event? You will find the Google Maps section. Click into the field below the Google Maps and type in the address of your event. If you already know the full address of your event than you can leave this section blank. But, if you do not know the full address than you can click on the white field below the words Try alternate location if event location is not found. And after typing in the address into the white field, you can click on the button labeled Geocode Location to find the full specific address of your event.
  12. When you have finished filling out the page, remember to scroll up to the top of the page and click Save. After clicking Save, you will see if you have any errors and after correcting any errors that will be marked in red, you will have to click save again and you will see that your event was successfully saved. Click the X at the top right to exit the event page and view your event on the calendar.

Click here to return to the Events Calendar listing page.

Specify The Time and Date of Your Event

  1. Click on the Calendar tab near the top of the page. Using this page, you'll be able to let people know when your event will take place.
  2. Click into the calendar icon under Start Date to select the date of your event. A small pop-up calendar will show up. Click the arrows (> or >>)  to advance the calendar to the month or year of your event. Click on the day of your event and then click on the pop-up's x to close it. If you type the date yourself, please follow the format in the box. For example, if your date begins on Novermber 4, 2009, you would enter is as 2009-11-04. Repeat the date selection for your End Date.

    Click into the box to the right of Start Time and type when the event will begin. Remember to click on the circle above AM or PM so people know if it's in the morning or evening! Repeat these steps for End Time. Alternatively, if your event won't be starting at an exact time or if it's an all-day event, select the box next to "All day Event or Unspecified time" and you will only have to fill in the date the event begins.

    For all one-day events, you don't need to worry about the event repeat feature and you can skip to the Finishing Up section below. Just leave the repeat type on the default setting, "Every Day." This means that your event will be happening on the dates that you already specified.
  3. Repeating Events
    if you have a recurring event that happens once a week or once a month, for example, fill in the End Date to make the repeat options show up.

    Weekly Events
    If your event occurs weekly on the same day, select the circle to the left of 1* per week. Then, to the right, click on the circle to the left of the day of the week that your event takes place. S = Sunday M = Monday, etc.

    If your event occurs every week, but on more than one day per week, click on the circle to the left of n * per week. Then, click on the box to the left of the days of the week that your event takes place.

    If your event happens every other week or every third week, etc., you can also specify this. First, identify which day of the week your event takes place, as described above. Then choose the option that fits your event. For example, if your event falls on the first week of the month, choose "week 1." If it happens every third week choose "every 3rd week."

    Monthly Events
    There are a couple of options for monthly events. One option is to create a repeating event based on the day of the month. For example, let's say you want to create an event that runs from June 1, 2011, to October 1, 2011, and that it always falls on the 1st of the month. Set your event dates to June 1, 2011, and October 1, 2011. Now, in the Month section, select "1 *per month" and "By day number."

    If you would like to create a monthly repeating event that is based on the day of the week (for example, an event that always occurs on the first Saturday of the month), select "1 *per month" and then select the appropriate day of the week.

    If you would like to make a monthly repeating event on the second, third or fourth week of the month, then repeat the steps above, but you also need to add a selection in the "week" section. For example, if you want an event on the second Monday of every month, select the "week 2" box.

Click here to return to the Events Calendar listing page.

Finishing Up

  1. Save Your Event
    Now that you've finished filling in all the necessary information for your event, it's time to save it. Scroll to the top of the page. In the top right you'll see an icon of a floppy disc and red X. Click on the floppy disc to save your calendar entry.
  2. Wait for Authorization
    You have successfully submitted your calendar entry! Our staff will now approve your entry as soon as possible, but please be patient. This process can take a day or two and sometimes even longer.

Please note: Kovels.com only lists events of interest to collectors and reserves the right to edit or remove listings. Inclusion on this site should not be considered an endorsement of any kind by Kovels Antiques, Inc.

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