SUMMARY - Antiques expert, Terry Kovel, shares tips on the perfect Father's Day gift.  

CLEVELAND, OH June 8, 2012 "If your father is a sportsman, do it-yourselfer, or has a special interest in sharp clothing or politics," says Terry Kovel, well known antiques author, "consider buying an antique or collectible." To hunt for an affordable gift, check local flea markets to find items that are "different" and collectible.

1.     For the do-it-yourself father—19th century tools. Molding planes carved from wood and homemade axes can be used as decorations or for special building projects. Many fine examples sell for a few hundred dollars.



2.     For the father whose job requires a fashionable look—cuff links. "The stylish cuff links of the past 100 years are back," says Kovel, "many new shirts come with cuff link holes on the sleeve instead of buttons." Look for plain gold cufflinks ($150 or more depending on the amount of gold) or consider costume jewelry cuff links for around ten dollars.

3.     For the father who never misses a game—old sports memorabilia like a seat from the old baseball stadium ($1,000) or a 1930s doorstop shaped like a golfer ($320).
antique fishing creel 4.     For the sportsman father—decorations for the den such as an antique fishing creel ($40-$1,000), a lure ($18 to $3,000), or a wooden handle golf club ($25 to $1,940).
5.     For the politic-loving father—find an unusual political button from the past for President Lincoln ($500 or more) or the President in office the year dad was born ($5 to $500 with rare ones costing more).

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