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CLEVELAND – March 7, 2011 - This month the statistics were so close we are including two extra to make it the Top 12.....

Royal Bonn Clock
Royal Bonn “La Bretagne” clock, porcelain, Ansonia works, sold for $450 at a recent Cowan’s auction.


  1. Occupied Japan—Once again Occupied Japan is tops. We seem to be a favorite spot for OJ collectors.
  2. Capo-Di-Monte—Both old and new Capo-Di-Monte is hard to find online but we always have some in our price list at Remember, the name and the CrownN mark was used by the company until 1821. The molds ands marks belong to a modern company, Societa Ceramica Richard, also called Ginori or Capo-Di-Monte.
  3. Copeland Spode—The marks Spode, Copeland, and Copeland & Garrett were also used by early related English companies. The mark Copeland Spode was used in the 20th and 21st centuries.
  4. Stoves—Toy stoves for children as well as full-size wood-burning stoves are selling quickly.
  5. Coca-Cola—The many new pieces marked Coca-Cola encourage purchases of the vintage pieces. Coca-Cola was first served in 1886.
  6. Doll—Interest in dolls made in Baby Boomer days is rising.
  7. Clock—A perennial favorite with collectors. “A ticking clock is the heart of the home.”
  8. Bottle—Collectors have active clubs, publications, and auctions to help with information.
  9. Royal Bayreuth—An antique porcelain that is becoming more popular for traditional homes.
  10. Bossons—More popular in England than in the United States, but serious collectors know there are fakes online.
  11. Royal Bonn—The clock case is one of the most asked about things in “Kovels’ Collectors Concerns.” (
  12. Cookie Jars—Usable, fun and, best of all, prices have come down since the days of the Andy Warhol auction of his cookie jars.

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