Q: I have several pieces of my mother’s Guardian Ware cookware, including three triangle pots with lids and a large roaster pan with a lid. What are the pieces worth?

A: Guardian Ware, also called Guardian Service cookware, was made by Century Metalcraft Corp. of Los Angeles from the 1930s until 1956, when the factory burned down. Pieces were sold at in-home parties the way Tupperware was later sold. Guardian Ware was made of heavy-duty hammered aluminum. Before World War II, the ware’s high-domed lids were metal. Because of metal shortages during the war, the company started making oven-proof glass lids. Your triangle pots were designed to be used as a set on a trivet that sat on a burner. That way, three different vegetables could be cooked at the same time. Guardian Ware is a popular collectible today. Pieces sell online for $5 to $150. Sets can sell for several hundred dollars.