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The $83 million dollar Chinese vase (Kovels Komments, Nov 17, 2010) may not be worth that much after all. The winning phone bid, said to be by a Chinese industrialist, was never paid and may have been part of a Chinese government plot. The London Sun newspaper says it may have been an effort by the Chinese to protest the sale of looted historical treasures. The owners of the inherited vase are now facing a fight with the tax man who charged them inheritance tax of about $19.4 million. Looks like lawyers will get into this tangle. (based on information from Auction Central News International)

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#3 Has It Been resolved yet?ttomsson 2011-03-23 20:49
Yes this is a scam but how can you prove it was stolen out of china during the war and is not the spoils of war looted from some families home without provenance there is just no way to trace it.Maybe try to donate to a museum and leave it at that that winning bidder is long gone no real way to trace just a lot of probably "dead Ends" I hope they are able to resolve this and move on
#2 suzyspinkmoon 2011-03-16 21:47
Is it possible to prove that your Chinese treasure isn't considered looted historical treasures. If so what can you use as proof? Thanx!
#1 ULTRAVIOLET 2011-03-16 16:27
Wow! What a scam! I hope the family didn't go on an early spending spree!

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