A patron in a Volunteers of America shop in Columbus, Ohio, bought a framed poster advertising a 1958 exhibition of Picasso's pottery in Vallauris, France. It cost $14.14. He took it home and looked online for more information. He learned that some of the posters had been signed in red--by Picasso himself--and saw that his has what looked like Picasso's scribbled signature. It also has the penciled numbers 6/100 and the French words that mean "original print, signed proof." The poster seems to be a linoleum print (a "linocut"). The print could sell for $6,000 at auction or twice as much if sold at a gallery, according to experts. The unemployed buyer of the $14 print has been looking for work in the arts for two years. He is currently refinishing and selling vintage furniture.

picasso 1958 exhibit poster














Photo: A similar Picasso exposition poster sold at AuctionFarm