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New Wheaties boxes are featuring pictures of three past U.S. Olympic champions. Mohammad Ali won a gold medal boxing in 1960, Bruce Jenner was decathlon champion in 1976, and Mary Lou Retton won the all-around gold in gymnastics in 1984. All three are still in the news today.

mohammad ali wheaties box package














Photo: Mills/AP



#7 Collecting Wheaties Flat Boxwheatiesguru 2012-06-24 16:24
All wheaties boxes are sealed with high
temp glue, You only have to melt it with using a high temp hair dryier and point it to the top off the box, keep the heat constant, and the box will separate by itself.
It will get hot, don't be afraid the goal is to melt the glue with out breaking the box.
Your collectible value will worth it.

If you what to get ride of some of them I will be more than happy to puschase them from you.
#6 storing cereal boxes,.msmatch 2012-02-25 17:23
take a knife and carefully slit open top and bottom lids, fold them carefully inside the box and then flatten along the creases. If I don't eat the cereal I give it to the birds. I have over 500 boxes stored this way. The older ones with the cartoon characters and movies make a nice display at the library.
#5 Storing your boxesThewheatiesking 2012-02-23 07:06
From a collector who has over 2100 Wheaties boxes, you can store these either way. Obviously though, if you want an unopened original version of your box, leave it as is. But you do take the chance of boxes getting crushed, or cereal shrinking along with the box, or even small animals or insects having their way with them. For me, I use a heat gun to open the top and bottom flaps. I remove the cereal and then store them flat. I can store up to 10 boxes in the amount of space it takes for 1 full box. Then I can always put the cereal back in and re-heat the flaps so they close nicely. They look as if they have never been opened.
#4 GKB 2012-02-22 20:48
I have saved a Wheaties box from the time when Nebraska won back to back Ntl Footbal championships. (Cereal is still in the box) Should I empty? its been kept in a pantry since the 90's. Never opened. Who would want this?
#3 Wheaties Cereal Boxthgink 2012-02-22 17:28
I have a Mark McGuire Wheaties box in great shape with cereal unopened. Is it worth anything?
#2 Cereal boxesbigboy 2012-02-22 14:32
This is fun, do you have any information about the original boxes? Or cereal boxes in general? How should they be stored? Thanks! Joni
#1 New Wheaties boxesrlwerth 2012-02-22 14:30
Why should we buy these and how should they be stored (with or without the cereal). What kind of market is there for these boxes? I have the originals stored flat (I removed the cereal so I wouldn't get bugs).

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