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Be one of the first to buy “steampunk," a futuristic style that blends a view of the Victorian past with the technology of the present. Dress like a Victorian dandy while using a computer keyboard made of typewriter parts. The result is a modern folk art style that is already mentioned in art history alongside Goth and the psychedelic designs of the punk rock world. There are conventions and meetings. You can find them through the internet.

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#2 Steampunk: Certain Death For Old Clocksclockfixr 2011-02-03 09:50
While I can understand and appreciate that the Steampunk "industrial" look is favored by many, I take exception when I see that the gears contained in old pendulum powered clocks are used after destruction of the movements. I repair/restore old antique clocks; there are not many movements that can't be made to function even after many decades. It really saddens me to think that our respect for "the old" seems to take a back seat to whatever happens to be fashionable at the time. I've heard the excuses - "it's too loud," "I have to wind it up every week" and "I can't keep it running" (probably because it's not level!!
This fashion statement too will pass but, I'm afraid, at the expense of quite a few neat old clocks....IMHO.
#1 If you're interestedbrendamc67 2011-02-02 16:26
Here is a link to a story about a man from Longview, Washington, who creates Steampunk art (the story appeared in The Daily News newspaper in Longview):

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