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This is a list of the 10 words most often searched for in the Kovels.com Price Guide. The list suggests what types of antiques and collectibles are creating interest among collectors and dealers. We can guess why some of these categories are gaining in interest.

1. Occupied Japan
Pottery, porcelain, metal, and other objects marked with the words “Occupied Japan” have been popular with collectors for over 30 years. A collectors club was started in 1979 and is still meeting. The words "Occupied Japan" were used to mark exports from February 1947 to August 1952 to indicate pieces that were made in Japan while it was occupied by the Allies after World War II.

Occupied Japan Colonial Couple Figurine










2. Stove
There are searches for full-size heating stoves and cook stoves, but most common are searches for salesmen's samples and toy stoves that were given to customers who bought full-size versions. Collectors can also find less elaborate stoves that were just inexpensive toys.










3. Jewelry
Both costume jewelry and precious jewelry are among the best-selling collectibles of the year. Modern, ethnic, and antique pieces are going up in price.

4. Silver plate
The market for gold and silver to melt down and resell has increased interest in silver-plated wares. Pieces are becoming scarce. They are useful and less expensive than new silver plate.

Silver-plated napkin ring







5. Furniture
There's always room for another chair. And there's always interest in a family heirloom. That's why everyone looks up furniture in our Price Guide. Lots of history and prices to learn.

Furniture - Wright SC Johnson Chair










 6. Capo-di-Monte
Capo-di-Monte is a very famous name in Italian porcelain. The name was first used for porcelain made in Naples. Italy,  from 1743 to 1759, and then in Spain until 1821. Then the name, molds, and marks were bought and used by another company. Today the Capo-di-Monte name and mark are used on cheaper pieces made in Italy, not by the original old companies. This causes confusion for new collectors. Searches show prices for old and new pieces.

7. Copeland Spode
No wonder there is so much searching for Copeland Spode. There are ceramics marks that include the words "Spode," "Copeland," "Copeland & Garrett," and "Royal Worcester Spode." The earliest pieces with a combination of these names were made in 1847; the latest are found in stores today. The porcelain, primarily dinnerware and figurines, has always been top-quality and has sold for high prices.

8. Bossons
Bossons is a mark found on ceramic wall masks, plaques, figurines, three-dimensional heads, and other decorative pieces. They were made by W. H. Bossons Ltd. of Gongleton, England. The company worked from 1946 to 1996. Collectors search for the masks and other pieces that were made in series. They sell for about $75 to $200. Both English and American collectors are eager to buy Bossons.

Bossons Highwayman figurine









9. Coca-Cola
Well-advertised products are popular as collectibles, and perhaps the most famous of all is Coca-Cola. The drink was first served in 1886 at a drugstore in Atlanta. The Coca-Cola Co. always advertised with clever and attractive signs, trays, ads, and novelties. All, especially the older items, are wanted by collectors. Very old signs and trays are priced in the thousands of dollars. More recent Coke items sell for only a few dollars.

Coca-Cola Autumn tray










10. Rosenthal
Rosenthal porcelain was first made in Selb, Bavaria, in the 1880s. The company has been bought and sold several times. It is now owned by an Italian company, but pieces are still made in Bavaria. Of most interest to collectors are decorative plates, figurines, and dinnerware.

Rosenthal figurine








If you want more prices, marks, and information, keep searching on Kovels.com this year. Happy New Year!

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