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Another found-in-the-attic story has a happy ending. Two relatives were cleaning up their inherited house near Heathrow Airport in England. They found a number of Chinese items, including a colorful 16-inch vase. They were wise enough to take it to a suburban London auction house, Bainbridge's. The highest-priced item the auction house had ever sold before brought $161,000. Peter Bainbridge researched the value of the vase and estimated it at $1.3 million to $2 million. But the final price for the vase, $85.9 million (including the buyer's premium and value-added tax), is a new world record price for a piece of porcelain and for a piece of Chinese art. It's also the 11th-most-expensive piece of art ever sold at auction.

The economics are interesting. The winning bidder was a Chinese collector who had tried to buy a similar vase at an earlier Hong Kong auction. The sellers will probably have to pay capital gains taxes of about $19.3 million, but they will still be among the richest people in England. The auction house received a $13.9 million buyer's premium, which gave the company a fabulous year.

How the vase got to England is a mystery, but the sellers said it had been in their family since the 1930s. It may have been stolen from a royal palace by British or French soldiers during the Second Opium War in the 1850s.

Chinese Vase











Photo source: Bainbridge’s Auctions



#7 Kang Hsi porcelainjoanbernstein 2010-12-29 18:51
I have a Kang Hsi urn that has been converted to a lamp: there is probably a hole drilled in the bottom, though I cannot tell as it is attached to a base. The urn itself measure about 20" in height. How badly does the drill hole- if it has been drilled- affect the value? What is its value, with or without the hole?
#6 Hidden treasures all around usRetroRose 2010-11-29 16:10
It overwhelms me how many treasures are in our possession throughout our lives. We keep the things we love… the other items end up having great stories of travel attached to them! - Retro Rose Salt Lake City
#5 Movie PostersWiseman 2010-11-18 12:28
I have a box of old movie scripts, posters,picture s, contracts and pictures of Diredtor CecilB.DeMille. This was a gift to me from Director Harry Revier who was the very first man who made the very first Tarzan movie's. Harry Revier sole his studio to Cecil B. DeMille, that is now on Hollywood and Vine. Can you please tell me of anyone who would be interested in this.
I would like to sell all. Thank you.
#4 Nice, but what is it?commonrarities 2010-11-18 08:56
I would love to be educated as to the pedigree of this vase. Anyone? Thanks.
#3 Mysteryphasinc 2010-11-18 05:36
Any additional info on the history of the vase or a clearer pic of the mark?
#2 chinese vaseAmandaJ 2010-11-17 22:42
An uncommon Chinese vase has brought on a sensation following selling for an incredible price. The vase was found in an attic room. I found this here: Chinese vase causes sensation after enormous sale price The vase became the most costly ever marketed, fetching more than 53 million pounds or $85 million. The vase, from the late 18th century Qing dynasty, had sat in an attic for years.
#1 Where is the Information ?buzzgreenberg 2010-11-17 17:55
Allways nice to hear of ones good fortune...
This Vase may have sold for a fortune where is the description of the artist, the form, the work itself....
Spen ding Money does not make anything artistic or beautiful.
Look s nice but I bet it won't hold water

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