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I'm back from the Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors convention and show. Everything from rare flasks and bitters to inexpensive milk bottles and sodas were for sale. I learned a lot and, of course, bought a labeled bottle from my hometown--one of the things I collect. I also found some privately printed research books about bottle histories and dates, the kind that aren't often sold in bookstores or even online.

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#8 Findlay Bottle ClubMsDowAntiques 2010-08-17 18:42
To ScottsStuff - I apologize for any misunderstandin g regarding the Nat'l Bottle show's times & fees. We could have done a better job with our pre-show ads. I wish I had been up there to talk to you. As a token of good will, please accept my invitation to come to the Findlay Club's bottle show in October, no charge. We are not open to the public on Saturday, but I will make sure you and your wife get in. Please email me at to make arrangements.
To Terry - We were thrilled to have you at the National Show. You have many fans in the bottle collecting hobby, including me! I am glad you enjoyed yourself, and added to your collections. I look forward to seeing you at more bottle shows. Congratulations on the Jounalism award. --Marianne Dow
#7 Bottle ConventionOSUBuckeyes71 2010-08-17 10:35
I am the Business Manager for the Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors and I would like you to contact me directly about your experience at the convention. I can also give you some resources to contact about your bottles.
If anyone would like to learn more about the organization, also please feel free to contact me.
Thank you,
#6 Suggestions on where to sell collectible bottlesOSUBuckeyes71 2010-08-16 18:59
One thing you could do is place a for sale ad in Bottles and Extras publication. It goes to bottle collectors around the country. You can email the Business Manager at for more information.
#5 Baby face bottleOSUBuckeyes71 2010-08-16 18:54
Unfortunately, the pink baby face milk bottle is a new reproduction. They were also made in cobalt and green and clear. The old ones are collectible, but, this reproduction has hurt them as many reproductions tend to do.
The green bottles could have held many things including beer depending on what type mouth they have. Could have held spices, coffee, peanut butter - a myriad of items.
#4 Suggestions on Where to Sell Collectible Bottlescrval1983 2010-08-12 12:57
We have over 200 1976-1978 Collectible liquor decanters that are still sealed and full of mostly whiskey. they are all in original boxes- we do not have a liquor license to sell on internet. Really need to get rid of them taking up way too much space in house. Decanters are at least 12-15" tall and are of woodcocks, canadian geese, elvis, series of wild turkey, model t cars and a couple of '76 24k gold liberty bells. Help?!
#3 Baby Face Bottlehispdhoney 2010-08-11 23:36
I purchased a pink depression glass bottle in Colorado, which looks to be a pint milk bottle. The salesperson told me it's called a baby face bottle as it has a face blown in the glass. I've never seen another bottle like it. Can you tell me anything about it? I've also unearthed in my back yard 2 green glass bottles (about beer bottle size) which are square. One has a silver screw-on cap. Can you tell me what they might've contained? Thankyou, Kim
#2 Black Cat liquor bottlejjroper2 2010-08-11 17:45
I purchased an interesting bottle which has a blue cat figure in the bottle, and I believe it is a black cat when there is fluid in it. I read once it is valuable. Have you seen/heard of this bottle? I am interested in learning more. Thanks, Terry! jj
#1 Bottle ConventionScottsStuff 2010-08-11 14:11
I tried to go the convention on Saturday and after driving over an hour to get there I found out that there was an entrance fee of $50. I was told the show was only for "serious" buyers and collectors and I would need to come back on Sunday for the "general" public. Being I pastor a church, Sunday was not possible so my wife and I went back home because we could not afford the $100 to enter. I wish there was something on the email you sent out stating the entrance fee.

I recently bought two large baskets full of old bottles and wanted to see this collection at the show to compare them with the ones I bought.

Needle ss to say, I was quite disappointed in the reception I received by the guards at the door.

Do you have a recommended book or resourse I can get to research my bottles?

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