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Mounted birds, animal heads, and even full-size animals are being used as part of the decorating scheme in some homes and hotels. Note, however, that some stuffed animals--those listed as "endangered"--can't be easily sold. Still, it's always a good idea to question the value of something unfamiliar to you. A little research may show it's a treasure.

mounted bird taxidermy














Photo: DuMouchelles


#2 martsuzz33 2013-10-04 10:01
I have been warned by those who do conservation on these displays that arsenic was used for preservation in the process of stuffing the birds. Use gloves and face mask when handling them.

#1 Not to mention bugs.cowgal 2013-10-03 10:53
I grew up with marvelous taxidermy, prizes from Pops, the boys, my uncles and cousins, all big, strappin' hunters and fishermen. The huge, flying Mallard, the Pheasant with massive outstretched wings. The Largemouth Bass, captured at the very moment of taking the bait. Squirrels. Rabbits. Wonderful things. The decoys, as well. But when the boys and I left home to go on, eh - we surely didn't want "that old stuff." Yes, of course now we'd Loooove to have it.

But with the current curses of bugs, especially bedbugs, I myself would be pret-ty wary of buying any old taxidermy. Things can harbor in there for eons, and literally eat the stuffin' out of them before you know your entire home has been infested, and will have to be completely dismantled, and for some time, at wallet-busting cost, while an intense extermination goes on.

Inspect carefully!!! Amusement, it is not.


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