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A ballroom-dancing husband and wife saved 55,000 dresses they bought during their 56-year marriage. The husband wanted his wife to wear a different dress every time they went dancing—and they went dancing every week. Now they have decided to sell most of the dresses to save storage costs. Take a peek or buy a dress at

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#3 Believe It or Not!Tobi97060 2013-09-22 15:54
The dresses are all different sizes and lengths as well as vintage. Looks like many of them are unworn. Even for the 1980's there's some hideous stuff shown. Looks like someone inherited a garment district building that had kept samples of every dress it made for 50 years...
#2 More often than just every weekbertram00 2013-09-19 02:01
This is almost 1000 dresses for every year of their marriage. They would have needed to "go dancing" an average of almost 3 times per day for her to wear them all. I suspect they have supplemented the "collection" and are trying to make more money off the sale.
#1 55,000 or 5,500?Juliep 2013-09-18 19:24
When I do the math one dress a day for 56 years adds up to 20,440 — so totaling 55,000 would mean wearing nearly three dresses each and every DAY. 5,500 would be just under two dresses a week, a little over the top to be sure, but not entirely unbelievable. Are you sure this isn't a vintage clothing business with a catchy (albeit fictional) premise?

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