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Looking for a low-mileage collector car? Close to 500 vintage cars and trucks stored away by the Chevrolet dealer in Pierce, Neb., are going to be previewed for auction on Sept. 27-29. Buyers from all over the world are already calling VanDerBrink Auctions about the 1950s and '60s cars. Many are low-mileage, with original finish and upholstery. Some even have dealer stickers with original prices. Among the most valuable is a 1950s Chevy Cameo pickup truck, a 1959 Bel Air, and a 1960 Corvair Monza that shows 1 mile on the odometer.


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 Photo: VanDerBrink Auctions LLC


#2 Chevy Cameotomlumb 2013-09-26 01:12
The Cameo (not Camero) Pickup was first produced in 1955.
The competitor to the Mustang was actually a Camaro and, as spence13 rightly points out, first came out as a "1967" model - although it was available towards the end of 1966.
#1 1950s Chevy Camero Pickup Truck?????????spence13 2013-09-05 19:00
The Chevy Camero was not invented until 1967. It was solely a muscle car built to compete with the Ford Mustang.

The 1950 Chevy Pickup Truck may be a 3100 Series or something like it. These are two completely different vehicles from two different decades manufactured by the same company ~ Chevrolet.

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