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A comment overheard at an Eastern show: "Wicker is dead." A comment from a Midwestern show: "Anything picturing dogs, cats, or horses sells quickly. But flower decorations have lost popularity and dollar value."

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#4 Wicker is dead? More for me!Lynne Walker 2013-07-28 15:18
I like wicker because it is light and easy for me to move about, so hopefully this will keep prices low...

Right now in Portland, Oregon what seems to be moving is Moderne, Atomic, kitsch '50's, things that are branded...
#3 Everything deadwanderingcreek 2013-07-25 11:04
I've noticed this at the small estate sales I hold here in the Seattle area. Things from before WW2 have lost popularity as hardly anyone entertains with silver/crystal/ fine china today.

People who still appreciate older things often have large collections and are no longer adding anything.

I find that practical things like kitchen and household things are quite strong as well as "oddities" from various eras.

Jewelry sells well here but not Victorian or earlier.

Inter est in these items will no doubt return at some point but probably not soon.
#2 EVERYTHING is dead in upstate New YorkDeborah Dunbar 2013-07-25 07:32
I've been attempting to sell items form both my mother's and aunt's estates. I haven't sold very much, needless to say. The few people that stop at my sales seem to want things in perfect condition and they don't want to pay anything. Sometime they won't even take thing for free. When I had sales even 10 years ago, before I had the estates to do, my yard looked like St. Peter's Square on Easter morning and people were practically fighting over things and willing to pay almost anything. What's happened?
#1 co owneranita fowler 2013-07-24 17:43
What is meant when they say flower decorations? On what? Everything, paintings, tabletop objects, china?

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