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Warning from a reader: Fake Rolex watches are being sold at an Ohio flea market by a woman who says she is selling off her deceased husband's Rolex collection. She has a different watch each week and asks about $250 for each. They're all fakes.

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#6 malmoehank 2012-11-15 09:52
Even a broken Rolex cost more than 250!!!
#5 Fake Rolexpyroray 2012-11-15 00:23
I bought a fake Rolex in Manhattan several years ago. I new it couldn't be real the starting price was low, I low-balled the Chinese lady in Chinatown and paid $25 for the watch. I held firm on the low price, and she ranted "how can I make a living selling 25 dolla rolex" but took $25 for the watch. I was amazed at the quality of this fake watch. I never owned a quality watch and new this was still a quality watch even though it was fake. The most obvious tell-tale of this fake watch (from what I learned later) is the magnifier is not what Rolex does and the second hand has the hesitation that isn't supposed to be there. But to the unknowing this watch would sell easily for $250. Rolex's do not sell for $250. If it's to good to be true... it is! But I have a nice piece of cheap costume jewelery, I'd sell in a minute for $250... but not for $25.
#4 Fake Rolexeslilaclynx 2012-11-14 21:54
I hope some notified the police! In the earlier part of the spring/summer hear in Columbus, Ohio a flea market was raided and literaly closed down as all but one of the vendors had their fake wares seized by the FEDS! They were selling Rolexes, designer purses, etc. It apparently had been going on for some time so I imagine the law had made purchases and had the merchandise examined to confirm that the items were fake before making the arrests and seizures. Yay for the good guys!
#3 Fake Rolexdlvantre 2012-11-14 21:12
Lot's of fakes out there. I bought a fake just like the one pictured in SOHO, NYC a few years ago for $10.
#2 Rolex at Flea Markets...Superpawn 2012-11-14 19:31
I would hope that no one thinks that buying a real rolex for $250 regardless of condition or the story that is being told at any type of flea market could ever be a reality! There are more fake rolexs out there than all the real rolexs that have ever been made combined! Some are great fakes, others are pretty bad. Stay away from people trying to sell you expensive watches for low prices and you will keep your money longer!
#1 Fake Rolex watchesSandy41 2012-11-14 16:51
Don't Rolex watches have a distinctive or unique registration/tr acking number issued by the company?

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