A buried treasure worth $15.6 million was recently found on a farm on Jersey, one of the English Channel islands. About 50,000 bronze and silver coins dating from the 1st century B.C. were unearthed by two English treasure hunters. The island, formally called the Bailiwick of Jersey, is off the coast of France but is a British Crown Dependency. French law may give the coins to the owner of the farm and the treasure hunters. British law claims the coins for the Queen. The finders had been searching for the treasure ever since a few coins were found 30 years ago. Archeologists are studying the coins, which may have been buried to keep them safe from looters in the days of Julius Caesar. Another hoard of 11,000 coins was found on Jersey in 1935.

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Photo: Excavate-aia.blogspot.com | Dailymail.co.uk