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Q: I inherited this clock and would like to know something about it. The dial is marked "Manufactured by the E. Ingraham Co., Bristol, Conn., USA." The front glass is etched with an image of the Statue of Liberty.

A: You have a Gothic-style shelf clock in a shape often referred to as a "steeple clock." It was made by Elias Ingraham (1805-1885). He designed clock cases in Bristol and Ansonia, Conn., from about 1827 to 1885, with various partners and under several names. From 1857 to 1861 he worked as Elias Ingraham Co. Beginning in 1861, his firm became E. Ingraham & Co. Ingraham designed his first steeple clock in 1840 and the shape became one of the most popular clock styles ever made. The Statue of Liberty, given to the United States by France in 1886, was a popular theme on clocks, and glass fronts etched with her picture were used by various clockmakers during the late 19th century. Value of your clock, if working: about $300.

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#2 JeremyWoodoff 2012-06-06 16:46
E. Ingraham & Co. manufactured clocks well into the 20th century. Unfortunately, the pictured clock is missing much of its decoration, so its value to a collector would be much reduced.
#1 Date of manufacture?ddddani 2012-06-06 16:02
Was the factory still in existence under the Ingraham name after his death? Not sure when the clock was actually made; Elias Ingraham died in 1885, yet the the Statue of Liberty (etched in the glass) was not given to the U.S. until 1886?

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