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Q: I have an old treadle jigsaw that used to belong to my grandfather. He gave it to my dad, who used it instead of an electric jigsaw. It has the name "New Rogers" on it. I'd like to know more about it.

A: Treadle-operated jigsaws were first made in the 1870s. The first Rogers treadle saw was made by Millers Falls Co. of Millers Falls, Mass., in 1878. The company introduced the New Rogers saw in 1879. Millers Falls Manufacturing Co. was incorporated in 1868. It became Millers Falls Co. in 1872. The company made its first foot-powered saw in 1875. The saw weighed a whopping 56 pounds. The New Rogers saw was lighter and was meant for the home woodworker or hobbyist. It was the best-selling treadle saw of its time. It originally sold for $3 or $4 and was advertised as "the best cheap saw in the business." In 1962 Millers Falls Co. became a division of Ingersoll-Rand, which sold the division to Millers Falls Tool Co. of Alpha, N.J., in 1982. The company later went out of business, but the trademark is still in use.

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#1 Use of Jigsawcharsantiques 2012-07-01 14:06
I have a miniature wheelbarrow carved by my great-grandfath er in 1880 using a jigsaw. What is the difference in value using a jigsaw as opposed to something handcarved?

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