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Q: I recently purchased a Hull Woodland flowerpot with an attached saucer but am having a hard time finding its value. I'm afraid I've paid too much money for it. It has a glossy finish and is marked on the bottom, "Hull, W11-5 3/4, U.S.A." It has a pink saucer. I've found flowerpots with different color saucers. Is the value the same if the size or color is different?

A: Hull Pottery Co. was founded by Addis E. Hull in Crooksville, Ohio, in 1905 and closed in 1986. Hull introduced its matte-finish Woodland pattern in 1949-50. The flowers and leaves on early Woodland are different from those on later Woodland. The early flowers have a yellow center. A flood and fire destroyed the pottery in June 1950, but it reopened in January 1952. Matte-finish Woodland was made again for a short time, but the glaze was not as good as the original. Hi-Gloss and Two-Tone Woodland were made from 1952 to 1954. Beginning in 1954, all Woodland was Hi-Gloss, like yours. Hull's brochure introducing Hi-Gloss Woodland shows a pink saucer like yours. Two-Tone Woodland had a white saucer and deep green interior. The color of the saucer does not affect value. Your flowerpot with attached saucer is worth about $50.

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