Q: This machine, a potato seed cutter, is from my mother's estate. It's embossed "Aspinwall Patents, Aspinwall Mfg. Co., Jackson, Michigan." I'd like to know its age and value and the best way to sell it.

A: Aspinwall Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1884 by Louis Augustus Aspinwall. The company was originally located in Three Rivers, Mich., and moved to Jackson in 1891. It made all kinds of potato machinery, including seed cutters like yours. Aspinwall was granted patents for potato seed cutters in 1892, 1893, and 1894. The machine cut off the eyes of the potatoes so they could be used for seed. The company merged with Drew Carrier Co. in 1920 and its name was changed to Aspinwall-Drew Co. It went out of business in 1921. There are not many collectors of farm equipment like your potato cutter. If you put it up for sale at a farm auction near where you live, it would probably sell for under $100.

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