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Rhinestones set in jewelry and buttons often fall out because the glue shrinks with age. Reglue them into place. If the rhinestones are lost, try to find old ones to replace them. Costume jewelry dealers often have extras.



#2 Caring for RhinestonesStarThrower50 2011-09-28 23:17
I'd also like to know what kind of glue to use and also whether any old glue should be removed before adding fresh glue. Should it be removed chemically? (something like GooGone or lighter fluid) or mechanically? (scraped or picked out using something like a dental tool and tweezers) I'm always so leery of damaging te value of antiques by refurbishing them in the wrong way.
#1 RhinestonesJadedragon 2011-09-28 11:19
What glue or glues would be considered safe to use without getting a chemical reaction which would destroy the stones backing?

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